Sago and honey dew melon dessert


Sago and honey dew melon dessert from Noreen Sousa via Yolanda Guterres)

approx ¾ cup sago
sugar to taste
1 small or ½ large honey dew melon
½ bottle slightly whipped Avoset cream(1)

(1) Avoset bottles apparently contain 184g of cream. If Avoset cream is unavailable, use 90ml of heavy whipping cream.

Note: For a contrast in colour add an equal amount of water melon, cut to the same size as the smaller cubes of honey dew.

Soak sago in water for approx. 15 minutes, then discard water. Boil sago in approximately 3 cups water until they turn transparent. Add sugar to taste.

Peel and cube melon (a quarter amount into smaller cubes for adding in last). Put the larger cubes with a little water (boiled and cooled) in the blender and puree. Add sugar to taste. Mix this with the sago mixture and chill. Add in the smaller cubes of melon.

Taste the dessert and adjust by adding more sugar if necessary.

Just before serving swirl the Avoset cream and lightly blend

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