Limão Doce


Sweet lemon

Limão Doce from Hermínia Figueiredo

3 lb | 1.4 kg lemon (Cantonese)
1½ lb | 700g white sugar
1½ lb | 700g açúcar pedra (rock sugar)

Wash the lemons and thoroughly scrape the outside skin with a grater, being careful not to let the juice out. Wash thoroughly and prick them.

Add salt to pickle*. Place in cold water in a saucepan and bring to the boil and simmer for about ½ hour. Bring out each lemon and drain in a large colander, then soak in filtered cold water for three days, changing the water daily.

Boil white sugar to a very thick syrup and, when quite cold, put the lemons in for 4 days.

Boil the açúcar pedra until the syrup becomes thick; remove from the fire and, when the lemons are quite cold, bottle.

*     No amount was mentioned. I would suggest about ½ lb – Guilly

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