Geléia de Pé de Vaca


Calf foot jelly

 This is reputedly a very powerful tonic, with the jelly traditionally set and served in port or sherry glasses. This recipe is included only for historical and research interest. Today one would simply use gelatine.

Geléia de Pé de Vaca from an author known only as Mãe (Mother)

1 1⁄3 lb | 600g calves’ feet(1)
5oz | 140g sugar
white wine or port wine
6 eggs

(1) Generally 2 calves’ feet weigh 423lb | 2.1kg, in which case use 113 lb | 600g sugar).

Wash the calves’ feet very thoroughly. Boil until very tender then strain through a very fine sieve. Add and dissolve the sugar.

Egg whites are used to clarify the stock. Beat well the whites of 6 eggs and stir into the mixture. As soon as the egg whites begin to cook, remove them gently.

Add 2 glasses of white wine or port.

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