Fried Pigeon


Chinese Fried Pigeon from “Guilly” Canavarro Remedios

We have not yet tested this recipe. It is recorded here to allow experimentation and verification.

3 pigeons
1 egg
1 tsp linseed
salt and pepper
lard or oil

Cut each pigeon into about 12 pieces and drain out any liquid. (If the pigeons are too tough and old, first steam them or boil them whole in about ¼ cup water and let them cool.)
Season with salt and pepper, add 1 tsp flour and mix well.
Beat the egg in a large bowl, add about 2-3 tsp flour, linseed, a little salt and pepper and enough water to make a rather thick batter.
Heat a pan ¼ or ½ full of Chinese oil, dip the pieces of pigeons into the batter and drop into the hot oil and let fry till golden brown and the meat is tender. Drain on paper.

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