Fios de Ovos


Egg threads (literally, “bride’s hair”)

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This was a traditional dish served at weddings. The recipe calls for 30 egg yolks!

Cabelo de Noiva from Maria Celestina de Mello e Senna. Read the original recipe | Leia a receita original

30 egg yolks
1½ lb | 680g sugar
vanilla essence as desired


A tool can be purchased for this, such as this from Casa Januário. People with the necessary skills could also make something by drilling holes on the bottom of a flat-bottomed mug and gluing narrow-pointed piping nozzles, Or even improvising by punching small holes on the bottom of a can (that can work, but less effectively).

Strain the egg yolks through a cloth.

Dissolve the sugar in a little water and boil down to form a syrup so thick that it falls in pearl-like drops from a spoon. (If measuring using a candy thermometer, its temperature should be about 320°F | 110°C.) While this is boiling, drizzle in the egg yolks through the funnel in a continuous circular motion until the funnel is empty. Progressively remove the cooked threads of yolk with a fork. Repeat until all the yolks are used up. If the syrup becomes to thick, add two spoonfuls of water and re-boil.

With two forks, separate the threads of egg and lay out on a glass plate. Glaze with one or two spoonfuls of the syrup.

The threads can be laid out on a bed of grated coconut cooked in sugar syrup.2

1     The funnel should have a very fine point.

2     These are often served on small “patty pans” (cup cake papers).

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