Cheese Rolls


Easy, attractive snack for any party

Cheese Rolls from Unknown Author, identified only as Annie.

6 very thin slices of square-loaf bread
6 dsp grated cheese

Add finely chopped dill to the mixture.
Brush butter on the outside of each roll before baking.

Cut the square bread in very thin slices, trim off the crust, spread butter* and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Roll up each slice neatly and rather tightly, place edge downwards on a baking tray and bake or grill till the outside is crisp. Turn and crisp the other side.

If the edge won’t keep down, dampen right across with cold water and press carefully.

The griller will do instead of the oven. Serve very hot.

  • Leave ΒΌ” | 1cm at one edge of the slice of bread unbuttered; dampen that portion of the slice.

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