Boneless Duck


Something for a special dinner party. With a stuffed boneless duck, you will be able to take vertical slices and serve to your guests. It needs a little work but will give you a delicious dish that is guaranteed to make a great impression.

Boneless Duck from “Guilly” Canavarro Remedios

1 duck
¼ cup barley
2 oz | 60ml raw Chinese ham, cut in small cubes
about 10 acorns (pa kok)
6 Chinese mushrooms
liver and gizzard of duck or chicken, diced
salt and pepper
lotus root (optional)

To bone the duck, cut along the backbone and carefully remove all the bones except the wing tips.

Wash the barley and cook it in ½ cup water or pork or chicken stock until no liquid is left.

Wash the mushrooms and soak in a little boiling water till soft, discard the stems and cut into strips.

Shell the acorns and take the brown outside skin off.

Mix all these ingredients.

Spread the duck flat on a board with the skin downwards. Season with salt and pepper and lay the filling on neatly, carefully pushing some into the legs and wings. Bring together the two sides of the skin and sew up neatly so that no filling is visible. Place on a bowl, cover, and steam till tender.

Variation: Make a sauce with 3 tbsp of soy sauce and 2 tbsp of honey; roast the duck, basting it with the sauce to a rich brown colour with a delicious crisp skin.

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