Arroz Cachoro


Rice with Mixed Meats

In Portuguese cachôro means a young dog but Macanese use the word for a dog of any age.  It is unknown why this dish is so named.

Arroz Cachoro from “Guilly” Canavarro Remedios



lap yôk, cut in half

2 legs salt duck

2 Chinese sausage

1 large mustardo branco

A little salt to taste

Boil the lap yôk and salt duck in enough water to cover until rather tender.

Wash the rice, add the liquid from the boiled lap yôk and some water.

Wash the vegetable and cut into large pieces and fry in 1 dsp of hot lard ¼ done. To the rice add the vegetable, the lap yôk, salt duck and sausages.

Boil and simmer till done. Take out the lap yôk and sausages and cut into thin slices. Dish out the rice first, then cover with all the meat.

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